MagicSpam - Anti spam software

Sources of Spam

Together this accounts for over 99% of all unwanted email.

Targets All Spam Sources

There really are only 4 types of spam:

50-75% Comes from Trojans, and Bots on ordinary computers
10-15% Comes from Email Marketing Companies
5-10% Comes from Compromised/Hacked Servers or Accounts
2-5% Comes from Free Email Providers
 Are you still trying to "filter" all that spam? The makers of MagicSpam have been working with email servers for almost 15 years, and long ago learned that is the wrong way to go about it, and now that spam is over 98% of all the email traffic, most of it is from Trojans and Bots on infected computers around the world, why not simply block them? But the only way to do that properly, is to actually be "part" of the email server, so you can identify spam at the edge, during the SMTP handshake phase. We call this "Mail Server Profiling"™ With MagicSpam, we have done that. Tying into the SMTP daemon (PRE-DATA), and blocking these obvious bad sources of email, immediately creates a huge savings in overhead; you also reduce "backscatter" problems which are caused if you try to check spam after the message has been accepted. And even more important blocking instead of filtering offers you more "Zero Day" prevention against new attackers and attacks, whether they be Spam or Dictionary Attacks, no matter what form they take, in images, videos, attachments, or even encrypted messages.

Zero Day Protection
Mail Server Profiling
Blocks Trojans and Bots
Easy to Use and Maintai


Automatic Updates
Set Custom Policies
Live Statistics
Searchable Logs


Lowers Your Bandwidth
'Best Practices' Validation
Reduces 'Back Scatter'
Less System Overhead

And MagicSpam does all of that, while making it easy to use, simple to understand, with full GUI (Graphical User Interfaces), statistics, graphs, full logging, custom controls, blacklists, exemptions and other tools, and just like your favourite anti-virus software, our anti-spam protection has constant updates, and protects unlimited email addresses, all for only pennies a day. Visit our forums and our testimonials pages to see what our customer are saying. Why not protect your email server today? For more detailed features, white papers, and demonstration videos, look at the links on this page, or on the web page dedicated to your specific products.

Watch the Video

MagicSpam is very simple to use, no messy command line settings, with complete spam statistics. See for yourself why the product is getting such rave reviews. You need spam protection that works, and we have designed both the spam detection engine, and the user interfaces. The sample in the Video is the Plesk version, however all versions are shipped with a similar Graphical User Interface. Enjoy!

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